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Jason Mraz, Kelly Clarkson, Crowded House, Christina Aguilera, Seal, Colbie Caillat, Avril Lavigne, Tracy Chapman, Joe Cocker, Ricky Martin, Meat Loaf, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Rob Thomas, Madonna, Toy Matinee, Don Henley, Santana, Rascal Flatts, Chris Isaak, Jewel, Faith Hill, Celine Dion, Dave Matthews Band, John Legend, Gavin Degraw, Mika, Carolina Liar, Goo Goo Dolls, Uncle Kracker, Josh Groban, Mylie Cyrus, Demi Lovato, David Cook, Adam Lambert, Daniel Powter, Chris Allen, Shinedown, and many more.

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July 19, 2014
Tim Pierce Interview Marty Schwartz

Marty Schwartz Tim Pierce Interview

Marty Schwartz came over for an interview. We talk about how I started making a living as a Session Guitarist and my experiences in the Music Business. We talk about my latest recording with Jason Mraz at Sunset Sound, who I consider a 100% genuine art …

July 18, 2014
Professional Sounding Guitar Parts Recording Lesson Papastache

Creating Professional Sounding Guitar Parts

In this video with Papastache I go through my process of recording Professional Sounding Guitar Parts. I go through a song a show how I approach various Recording Techniques and Guitar Parts. I also talk about considerations for Vocal Melodies and how …

July 16, 2014
Heartbreaker Led Zeppelin Online Guitar Lesson Tim Pierce

Heartbreaker Led Zeppelin Guitar Lesson

Heartbreaker was always one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs, not only because of the guitar but also the amazing bass part. I’m sure it’s well documented somewhere but to me it sounds like a Rickenbacker bass through some sort of Leslie on fast speed …

July 6, 2014
Tim Pierce Guitar Overdubbing Songwriting Papastache

Overdubbing Guitar Songwriting Tips

Here is a video with Brett from Papastache.com where we talk about Guitar Overdubbing and Songwriting Tips. Brett brought a track over and I go through various ways I would approach Recording Guitar Tracks and Guitar Overdubbing. We also talk Sound, So …

July 5, 2014
Tim Pierce Guitar Tone, Amps, Gear with Brett from Papastache

Guitar Tone On A Budget

Here’s a video I did with Brett from Papastache.com where I talk about some of my Guitar Amps and Guitar Tone. We go through some of my amps and pedals such as my Wizard and Diezel Amp, and some of my Delay, Reverb, and Fuzz pedals and more. I demonstr …

July 3, 2014
Wind Cries Mary Jimi Hendrix Free Online Guitar Lesson Tim Pierce

Wind Cries Mary Jimi Hendrix Guitar Lesson

This Free Online Guitar Lesson is with Jimi Hendrix’s The Wind Cries Mary. The Wind Cries Mary by Jimi Hendrix The Wind Cries Mary is another one of my favorite Jimi Hendrix songs, and I show you how to play the entire song in depth. The Wind Cries Mar …

June 29, 2014
Tim Pierce Chord Inversions and Embellishments Marty Schwartz Free Online Guitar Lesson

Chord Inversions & Embellishments Guitar Lesson

In this Free Online Guitar Lesson with Marty Schwartz I show how to play various Chord Inversions and Embellishment on Guitar. This is an intermediate guitar lesson and I show some chord inversions in the style of Jimi Hendrix and more. I use the G and …

June 29, 2014
Tim Pierce Rhythm Guitar Concepts Marty Schwarts Free Online Guitar Lesson

Rhythm Guitar Concepts Guitar Lesson

In this Free Online Guitar Lesson I did with Marty Schwartz I talk about Rhythm Guitar Concepts and how to play 16th note strumming. This is an intermediate guitar lesson and I go through various 16 note rhythms, and how to accentuate specific hits. Th …

June 28, 2014
Tim Pierce Free Online Guitar Lesson How To Play Double Stops Rhythm Guitar

Double Stops Rhythm Technique Guitar Lesson

In this Free Online Guitar Lesson I teach you how to play John Mayer inspired Double Stops and Rhythm Technique. I did this guitar video lesson with my friend Marty Schwartz from www.guitarjamz.com. This is an intermediate guitar lesson where I teach s …

June 21, 2014
Tim Pierce Guitar Solo Lesson Marty Schwartz Guitar Jamz

Guitar Solo Lesson Playing Up The Neck

This is a Free Online Guitar Solo Lesson I did with Marty Schwartz from www.guitarjamz.com where I teach how to play up the fretboard using the Pentatonic Scale. This is an Intermediate Guitar Solo Lesson and a little bit of knowledge with the Pentaton …

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