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Studio Guitar Lesson 3 – Layering Guitar Parts

Studio Guitar Lesson 3

Studio Guitar Lesson 3 by Tim Pierce

Studio Guitar Lesson 3 is a song with a great artist named Taylor Mesple. Taylor plays wicked keyboards and great guitar. He sings great and is an excellent songwriter. He and his family also own Wildwood Guitars in Louisville, Colorado. This very friendly music store is an amazing source for instruments and instrument repair. Our track features Abe Laboriel and Mel Brown on drums and bass. They helped create a very inspired foundation!

Wildwood Spec Les Paul

Wildwood Spec Les Paul

In this video I am playing the Wildwood Spec Les Paul among others. There are many different rhythm parts which also include Whammy sections and slide guitar. I will demonstrate the use of backward guitar with Pro Tools and play a part with an Epiphone Wilshire through a Ventilator Leslie pedal. The unique challenge with this track, was because Abe and Mel we’re playing so ferociously and sort of on the busy side, it limited me to a simpler approach. What I do is always about simplicity anyway, so I’m used to these kinds of challenges. Please feel free to post any comments below and hope you enjoy this third Studio Guitar Lesson!

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Avatar of Jes Selane

Jes Selane

Hello everyone. I am the main developer on Tim's site incl. production work. Feel free to write me a message if you have any questions or post in the forum.

Comments (7)

  • Avatar of Phil



    Thanks again Tim, another diverse versatile session – a lesson to us all, no matter what level you are at. Humbled yet again. Look forward to your next one. Again, many thanks for your inspiration.


  • Avatar of Lex



    Hey Tim, Did you also use the Divided By13 amp, on this song? And what brand instrument-cable en speakercable are you using?


    • Avatar of Tim Pierce

      Tim Pierce


      Hi Lex. Yes, it was the divided by 13. Speaker cables and instrument cables do not matter to me. I have lots of different kinds. Thanks!


  • Avatar of Bill



    Whammy octave trick – very cool – thanks!


  • Avatar of Taylor Mesple

    Taylor Mesple


    Thanks for doing this video, Tim, I’m beyond grateful for your epic playing on my song.


  • Avatar of Shawn



    Great series Tim, thank you for the education…


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